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USTC Preschool is the most prestigeous public preschool of Anhui Province. The mission of the Preschool is to make a solid foundation for each child of his/her socialization, and prepare them in all aspects for the primary school. It focuses on the development of good habits and virtues, which will benefit the children lifetime, as they are growing into a self-and socially responsible individuals. The preschool also emphasizes on the stimulation of children's desire of learning, and persistently encourages them to explore the real world, discover with their own eyes, and use their own minds.

USTC preschool currently has four daycare classes, eight 3-year-old classes, eight 4-year-old classes and seven 5-year-old classes. Average teacher/kid radio is 1:9. All of the teachers are well trained and passionate to work with the children. 40% of the teachers have a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education, and the rest 60% have an Associate Degree.

In order to relieve the parents' pressure on ensuring healthy dietary intakes of their preschool children, besides high quality education, the Preschool provides the children with 4 nutricious meals per day. The recipes are designed by professional nutritionists, containing a broad spectrum of natural food sources with the great diversity of cooking.

Sample Weekly Menu(Feb.27—Mar.02, 2012)
  Breakfast Lunch Snack Supper
Monday Boiled Quail Eggs
Chiffon Cake
Millet Porridge
Braised Rib Tips
Pak Choi and Tofu
Tomato and Baby Shrimp Soup
Red Bean Paste Glutinous Rice Bread
Corn Porridge
Tuesday Marinated Egg
Smiley Cake
Braised Pork with Tofu Leaves
Pak Choi & Pork Liver Soup
Cherry Tomatos Steamed Bun with a
Vegetable and Meat Stuffing
Bean Porridge
Wednesday Boiled Quail Eggs
Disk Bread
Beef Stew with Potato
Melon and Egg Drop Soup
Soy Milk
Fried Rice Cake
Three Fresh Delicacies Soup
Thursday Spiced Boiled Egg
Bread with Sesame
Fried Tomato with Ground Meat
Stewed Mushroom with Egg
Apple Steamed Dumplings
Sweet Potato Porridge
Friday Boiled Quail Eggs
Butter Bun
Glutinous Rice Porridge
Fried Soybean and Carrot Cubes
Braised Chicken Thigh
Cabbage and Egg Drop Soup
Tremella Soup Noodle Soup with Pak Choi, Tofu and Ground Pork

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USTC School (K1-K12)

The USTC School was established in June 10, 1971, as a benefit for USTC faculty and staff. It consists of the Primary School Department, the Secondary School Department and the High School Department. It provides the school-age children of the USTC faculty and staff with the complete 12-year education previous to college. For those who are exceptionally gifted, they can be admitted into USTC early as young freshmen through passing the early entrance exam.

The school system has a faculty of 194 teachers, many of whom have been awarded national, provincial or municiple titles. And the students also won prizes in national ompetitions. The performance of USTC School students in the standard high school entry exams and the standard college entry exams both, in terms of the average score and the destination distribution, both rank top in Hefei City.

The School is equipped with a line of advanced learning facilities, e.g. observatory, language labs, gym, computer labs, and multi-media classrooms.It attaches critical importance to the development of children's learning capabilities, instead of the knowledge they acquire from school. It also encourages students to do self exploration, pursue their personal interests and discover their own merits. This paves good way for the children in the long run as they become capable learners and happy doers.

USTC School

USTC School

USTC School

USTC School

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The Canadian International School (CIS), supported by the Chinese government and Canadian government, opened its first campus in Beijing in 2005. Over the past decade, CIS has a proven track record of success and won a great reputation in the diplomatic and expatriate communities. CIS is an IB World School fully authorized to deliver the International Baccalaureate program. CIS is also authorized to grant credits toward completion of New Brunswick High School Diploma for graduates to gain entry into top universities throughout the world. CIS is proud that our graduates are granted entrance to world recognized colleges and universities throughout Canada, USA, Europe and Asia.

CIS is now pursuing its academic excellence and educational philosophy in the Hefei campus. The Canadian International School of Hefei (CISH) is committed to cultivating self confident and self reliant global citizens and leaders by offering a challenging internationally recognized Canadian education curriculum and the International Baccalaureate Programwith an international perspective, ranging from Montessori  Nursery (18 months to 3 years), Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten to Grade 12.

CISH creates secure, nurturing learning environments where students can develop the independent thinking and various skills needed for future endeavor. CISH is well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to serve and provide our students with the highest education standard possible, in an environment suited to healthy and well-rounded growth.

We are the first school in Anhui Province incorporating Smartboard technology extensively in teaching and learning activities. The technology gives the students and teachers an interactive learning tool and the capability to interact with the Internet immediately, facilitating and enhancing the learning process and knowledge base.

Our teachers are all well qualified to teach at their respective levels meeting Canadian certification standards or the equivalent. The staff is a wonderful blend of the experienced and the young. The majority of our staff is recruited from Canada with a blend of teachers from Asia so that the best of both cultures is represented in our school. Our teachers have a varied background in teaching with many teachers having taught in a number of different countries throughout the world.

We look forward to welcoming your family to the Canadian International School of Hefei and hope you find your child's studies with us rewarding.


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