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The USTC Hospital, located at the east campus of USTC, is a district hospital designated by the public medical insurance system of the Anhui Province. It provides a full range of primary medical services including medical, surgical, intensive and long-term care, as well as preventive health care and health education, to the USTC and surrounding areas.

After 40 years of dilligence and ten years of rapid development, the USTC Hospital has now become a general hospital covering all the major medical disciplines, with strong technical supports and comfortable settings. It offers residency programs to the medical schools of Anhui Province, and also sponsors the continuing medical education program of Hefei City. Adhering to the "Small Scale, Big Feature" mode of running, the Hospital has built a clear edge in its ophthalmological practice and achieved a countrywide reputation.

The Hospital occupies a land area of 5,000 m2, with construction area of 9000 m2. The medical practice space area takes up 6,000 m2. The hospitalization area contains 110 beds, equipped with central air conditioning and on-call system. Each year the Hospital receives 200,000 outpatients and admitts nearly 2000 inpatients. Over 3000 surgeries of various kinds are operated.

The Hospital possesses RMB 50 Million in fixed assets, including 10 plus most advanced medical instruments, e.g. CT (GE Optima CT520pro), nuclear magnetic resonance (Time Medical Systems PICA), Planmeca oral CBCT system, Olympus gastroscopy, color Doppler ultrasound, etc. 

The Hospital has member staffs of 137, with health professional account for over 80%, including 5 chief doctors, 19 associate chief doctors, 3 entitled to the State Council special allowance, and 3 acting as directors of national or provincial academic organizations. The Hospital contains 10 major clinical departments, including Internal Medicine Department, External Medicine Department, Department of Ophthalmology, Ear-Nose-Throat Department, Department of Dentistry, Department of Gynecology, Department of Chinese medicine, Modern Optometry Research Institute, etc. as well as ten non-clinical ancillary departments. 

The key department of USTC, Department of Ophthalmology, after years of improvement, has developed into a system containing outpatient treatment, impatient, children's amblyopia treatment and training, excimer laser treatment (PRK) and optometry. Besides treating the general eye problems, the department also provides effective treatment to special problems like cataract, glaucoma, pediatric amblyopia, strabismus, fundus, ocular trauma, corneal disease, ocular disease, low vision, refractive vision.

For the convenience of the patients, especially the school-age children, the Department of Ophthalmology is open on holidays. The department is equipped with the most advanced facilities, including ophthalmic A-B ultrasound, phacoemulsification instrument (PHACO), YAG laser, vitrectomy, excimer laser, O-CT, etc. The excimer laser treatment center uses excimer laser, the cutting-edge science and technology, for corneal refractive surgery (PRK, LASIK) to treat myopia and hyperopia and astigmatism. The center is open all year round with first-class instruments, strong technical force and high quality service. You are welcome to visit any time at your convenience.

The fixed assets of USTC Hospital exceeds 50 million RMB, with a line of advanced medical equipments. Over 10 sets of large equipments include color Doppler ultrasound, Shimadzu large remote control X-ray machine (500MA), Olin Bath gastroscopy, cardiac emergency monitor, electrosurgical unit, the microvascular anastomosis surgery microscopy, automatic urine analyzer, semi-automatic biochemical analyzer, electrolyte analyzer. In addition, the hospital made substantial efforts on improving its information management. In 2004, the USTC hospital implemented a complete computer medical information system, integrating registration, diagnoses, examination, prescription, pharmacy, payment, and central administration, and will extend to inpatient management, preventive care, medical record management, etc. The Hospital is striving to modernize its entire management.

Service Contacts

Emergency Room Hotline of USTC Hospital: 63600120 (available 24 hours)

Hotlines for Service Monitoring and Complaint: 63602739, 63602736

West Campus Clinic is located on the first floor of West Campus Activity Center. Telephone No. 63602506

South Campus Clinic is located at the South Campus Hospital. Telephone No. 63492107

Telephone No. of General Attendant Room: 13955122870 (available 24 hours)

Open Hours:  Monday to Saturday: 8:00-11:45 and 14:00-17:30

Emergency treatments (on 1st floor) are available on weekends and national holidays.

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