Research Professor / Research Associate Professor

Qualifications and conditions:
  1. An applicant shall be fully academically suitable for the appointment, have an excellent understanding of the developments in his/her field of study, and be creative and capable of conducting research;
  2. An applicant shall be capable of teaching core courses in his/her field of study;
  3. An applicant shall have a teamwork spirit and a serious attitude to academic work, and set a good example for his/her students; requirements at USTC.
  4. An applicant for research professorship shall not exceed the age of 45 years; an applicant for research associate professorship shall not exceed the age of 38 years;
  5. An applicant shall be expected to work conscientiously in China and be devoted to the cause of national construction and development.

Provisions for the appointment and compensation:
  1. USTC shall provide the senior appointee with start-up research funds of RMB 0.3-1 M, and assist in his/her applications for various research funding in China; 
  2. USTC shall provide fully-furnished, well-appointed housing;
  3. USTC shall provide necessary laboratory space and equipment, an academic assistant and a working team, and a fine working atmosphere;
  4. USTC shall provide an apartment, and assist in the employment of the appointee’s spouse and the school education of his/her children.

Application procedure:
  1. The applicant consults the related school and research groups about employment opportunities.  Click here for the full list by research areas of our doctoral supervisors who might need to hire research fellows;
  2. The school directs suitable applicants to prepare the application package if they match the hiring need of a certain research group;
  3. The application for the position of Research Professor has to be reviewed and approved by the university academic committee;
  4. The successful candidates will sign the contract with the HR department. The contract terms is 3 years in maximum and may be renewed once.

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