Hundred Talents Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences - Young Talents


As an important national-level recruitment program started in 1994 with the original purpose of recruiting 100 outstanding scholars from both home and abroad by the end of the 20th century, the CAS “Hundred Talents Program” has helped foster many leading scholars and experts for China’s academic development over the decades. In 2015, the program has been redefined to support the recruitment of three specific categories of talents: academic director, engineering director, and young talents.

Positions under this Program will be offered to overseas scholars who plan to work full time at USTC. 

Qualifications and conditions:
  1. An applicant shall have a doctor’s degree and post doctoral experience for no more than 5 years;
  2. An applicant shall have the experience as principle investigator in an academic project that achieved internationally noticeable results;
  3. An applicant shall have a certain degree of influence in the international academic community, know the direction of development in his/her field of study, have long-term strategic thinking, and be capable of leading a team in the research at the frontier of his/her area and achieving world-level results;
  4. An applicant shall be well-versed in his/her field of study, have made internationally visible academic achievements, published a number of influential articles in heavy academic journals, or held key knowhow or a major patent, and have a research capacity to enable him/her to be an academic leader in his/her organization; and
  5. An applicant shall observe a high standard of research integrity and have a hard working spirit.

Responsibilities of the position:
  1. Keeping abreast of the developments in his/her field of study, making fundamental, strategic and forward-looking arrangements for research work and academic projects, and leading a team in performing scientific research up to international standard in his/her field;
  2. Promoting international academic exchange, and leading his/her team in conducting fruitful research in collaboration with a top-notch international research institution or university;
  3. During the term of appointment under the Program, making effective efforts to win a major national scientific or technical project that is in line with national strategic needs and international development of science frontiers, achieving influential research results, cultivating high-quality young scholars, and building a scientific and technical team with a strong capacity of innovation; and
  4. Other applicable responsibilities of the position.

Provisions for the appointment and compensation:
  1. The successful candidate will be offered the position of Research Professor, which is a contract-based position;
  2. Annual Salary of RMB 200-300K;
  3. A one-time research start-up fund of no less than RMB 500K provided by the university upon job enrollment;
  4. An annual research fund of RMB 400K provided by CAS for the first two years of appointment, then a Mid-Term Review will be conducted by CAS;
  5. The one who passes the Mid-Term Review will be given the title of 100Talents Professor, and provided with an additional research funding of RMB 2M by CAS, plus a housing subsidy of RMB 600K;
  6. On-campus 3-br apartment with subsidized rent;
  7. Children of talent will be arranged into the preschool (the best public preschool in Anhui Province), primary school, secondary school and high school (top ranking in Hefei city) affiliated to USTC. (You may choose to send your children to Canadian International School of Hefei, which follows Canadian school system and provides English-based education to non-Chinese citizens from year 2 to year 18. The school is taking enrollments all year round.)
  8. Health insurance.

Application procedure:

Application materials:
  1. Submit the resume and job intention letter to
  2. Upon positive review, prepare the formal application package

(Required application material is subject to change. Please refer to the official notice.)

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